K & B Direct | Direct Marketing Consulting
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Direct Marketing Consulting

Could your direct marketing investment be delivering better results and returns?

We help you answer that question by creating customised, integrated marketing plans and recommendations that come from a deep immersion in your business and your goals, products and markets. Combined with our expertise and intellectual rigour, we aim to produce that strategic insight that cuts through the rigmarole to the core marketing solution that drives maximum returns.


Our passion for direct marketing began from working in the rigorous mail order environment of Readers Digest. Since then we’ve developed many successful direct response marketing campaigns across various industries and have extensive experience in using customer data to develop targeted marketing strategies.


Key steps we follow:

  • Customer database analysis to understand profile and behaviour;
  • Assessment of previous direct marketing campaigns;
  • Competitor review and how they are using direct marketing techniques to support their business objectives
  • Development of an integrated communication plan across all media so that, in addition to generating ROI, your brand is developed and entrenched within your target markets;
  • Put systems in place to track results ; Assess and review.


We also offer expertise in the development and implementation of loyalty programmes.